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Cannashark Meets the Growing Need for Cannabis Consulting Experts in 2021


With the recent passing of the MORE Act to federally legalize cannabis, 2021 is already proving to be a historic year in the evolution of the cannabis industry. However, with cannabis still heavily regulated, businesses are seeking direction on the best course of action to navigate the legal sale of cannabis until it’s removal from the list of scheduled substances under the Controlled Substances Act. With the growing demand for experts, CannaShark Consulting is quickly becoming the most sought after means to attain both expansion and compliance for cannabis companies in 2021.

Founded in 2017, CannaShark Consulting evaluates their clients needs to provide entrepreneurs strategic cannabis consulting for business and brand development services, license application support, operation readiness, growth and optimization, and execution on planned exit strategies.

“With the cannabis industry in its infancy, the national demand for skilled business professionals and consultants in the space is very high. Furthermore, the list of needs for these cannabis companies are never ending,” says Adrian Holguin, CannaShark Consulting’s CEO and lead strategist.

With more and more capital investments pouring into the cannabis industry, venture capitalists are turning to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) to measure the sustainability and environmental impact of their investments in new cannabis companies. These criteria help to better determine the future financial performance of companies. Investment firms are turning to CannaShark to evaluate these standards and qualify capital investments, furthering the security and longevity of the business.

Adrian explains, “we guide investors and operators to adopt the most sustainable practices from farming to packaging. It is these policies and directives that will be the future standard of the industry . Proven sustainability and mitigated environmental challenges are critical in curating the proper image for the future of cannabis.”

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