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Tom Daley backs cannabis-based cancer treatment

Author: Aine Fox, PA, Nick Wood & Max Channon

Olympic champion Tom Daley has joined a call for donations to fund a “groundbreaking” trial of a cannabis-based drug to treat an aggressive form of cancer.

The Plymouth-born gold medal-winning diver’s father Robert died aged 40 from a brain tumour in 2011.

The Brain Tumour Charity has launched an appeal to help raise £450,000 needed to fund the new three-year trial, which is due to begin recruiting some 232 patients at 15 hospitals across the UK early next year.

In a video to promote the trial, Daley said: “We are reaching out to all you individual heroes and supporters, to help fund this groundbreaking trial.

“When you donate, you’ll receive a link for your social media badge of honour. Join our community, spread the word and help us pave the way to beating brain tumours.”

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