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There’s Now an Odorless Weed Strain Reportedly Packing 35% THC

Author: Chris Moore

Ontario residents will soon be able to blaze joints all day without disturbing their roommates, neighbors, or parents with the dank aroma of weed.

CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp., a licensed Canadian cannabis producer, just unveiled a new strain of weed that the company claims is completely odorless when smoked or stored. The company’s new Purecann strain is also exceptionally high in cannabinoid content, with a lab-tested cannabinoid count of 40.59 percent and a total THC content of nearly 35 percent. This sky-high THC level reportedly beats the highest-THC flower currently sold in Ontario’s government-run adult-use stores by at least 3 percent.

CannabCo began developing its proprietary smell-masking technology, also called Purecann, several years ago. Initially, the technology was designed to help medical marijuana users escape the negative stigma against weed, but the company quickly realized that it had much broader applications. The company also claims that their tech reduces much of the harshness typically associated with smoking dry flower. 

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