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How To Use Weed in Your Thanksgiving Meal This Year


Call this Thursday Danksgiving, Thanksgrooving, or come up with your own weed-inspired nickname for Thanksgiving; just know that with the ever-increasing legality of cannabis in the U.S., there are endless options of how to incorporate reefer into your holidaze meal.

The day before Thanksgiving is gaining acceptance among those in the cannabis culture as Green Wednesday–its version of Black Friday, when consumers stock up (and consume) marijuana for the following day. In 2019, Eaze, the California-based “Uber of weed” delivery service saw a 147 percent increase in business on Green Wednesday from the year before. Expect that number to go up even higher in the beyond-stressful year 2020–especially with disapproving elders around–so call your “guy” early. And if this is your first time experimenting with putting a pot spin in your cooking, just know it’s relatively easy, as long as you follow the steps carefully.

While there are other methods of cooking with weed, the most common involves cannabis-infused butter, aka cannabutter. Since pretty much all the most popular Thanksgiving dishes involves butter–and lots of it–cannabutter can thus be substituted for butter or used in conjunction with it in some–or all, if you really want a Thanksgiving to not remember–the day’s recipes. (Once you know how to make cannabutter, you can also make popular staples like pot brownies and cookies throughout the year.) Mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and even turkey are all cooked using butter! But fear not if you want to go light on the cholesterol, we will include some butter substitutes at the end of this article.

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